Cloud Data Analyst/Engineer (Healthcare)

We are seeking a Cloud Data Analyst/Engineer (Healthcare) to support Clairity’s efforts to apply state-of-the-art algorithms to solve novel real-world healthcare problems. With an initial focus on breast cancer screening, Clairity is building a mammography-based machine learning platform that more accurately and equitably predicts the risk of cancer, personalizes the plan of care, and cultivates trust.

The Cloud Data Analyst/Engineer (Healthcare) at Clairity is an exciting hybrid role for those who enjoy setting up and maintaining Cloud environments and exploring healthcare data, developing new analytics, and helping to evaluate and expand product offerings.  The role reports into the Innovation Office and is a hands-on position which involves a mix of analytical and operational tasks that center on configuring and maintaining AWS analytical environments (~40% of time) as well as using data and analytics to evaluate partner data and to create new features, new reports, and new insights (~60% of time). 

Though not directly involved in AI model development, the role will support teams that are developing machine learning and AI models by establishing infrastructure, landing and preparing datasets, and analyzing and interpreting results.

Because this is an entrepreneurial position, candidates must demonstrate strong project ownership along with critical thinking skills and a deep commitment to delivering high-quality and practical results. Candidates also require excellent communication skills to thrive in our highly collaborative, cross-functional environment.  They will also need to demonstrate strong judgment in identifying risks, proposing solutions, and escalating issues effectively.  

Founded in 2020 by Santé Ventures and Dr. Connie Lehman, the Head of Breast Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital, Clairity is located in Austin, TX and has raised ~$29 million to date in funding from investors. The location of the position is flexible within the United States, with the ability to work remotely from home.

Primary Responsibilities:

This position is a hybrid role: 40% focused on AWS and data tool configuration and maintenance, and 60% focused on healthcare data analytics.

Cloud Responsibilities (40%):

Candidates must be comfortable with implementing and maintaining Cloud analytical environments (AWS, Github, EC2 instances, VSCode, R Studio, etc.) in addition to building and delivering healthcare analytics within those environments.  Prior experience with protected healthcare data and its security requirements is a must.  Candidates must know how to appropriately secure an AWS environment.  Specific responsibilities include:

  • Set up, configure, document and manage multiple internal and external client AWS environments on behalf of the Analytics team to ensure data protection, data availability, and robust, usable analytical environments (Terraform, VPC, S3, Sagemaker, EC2, IAM, VSCode, R Studio, Git and Github, Python with Pandas and Boto 3, etc.)
  • Interface with client-side technical, clinical, and analytical teams to explain technical implementations and ensure proper AWS permissions and configuration
  • Work cross-functionally with Engineering, Product, Analytics, Customer Success and external client teams to ensure data and analytic environment availability. Likely to include client-side model deployment and testing as well
  • Support Analytics team tool implementations and report and template development (BI reportng, etc.)

Healthcare Data Analysis Responsibilities (60%):

Candidates will work in partnership with the Associate Director of Data & Analytics to build and run analytics on incoming partner data and on machine learning model results to assess the usability of the incoming data and the performance of the ML models.  They will also support internal and partner research and marketing teams to design and generate analyses and visualizations to showcase product performance, value, and impact, and to explore development of new products.  Specific responsibilities include:

  • Evaluate, review and characterize new data sets to determine quality and usability using existing code modules as well as writing new analytics from scratch
  • Develop, validate and use new and existing analyses and working prototypes which solve clinical and operational problems
  • Create and present reports on findings and project progress 
  • Work with product managers and developers to conduct technology transfer to productize new features and analytics
  • Work with customer-facing teams to document and launch new features, reports and analytics
  • Conduct independent and guided research on healthcare-related topics with an eye toward business and analytical solutions


  • Bachelor’s degree 
  • Demonstrated knowledge of health care data subject matter 
  • 3+ years of experience working with data and building analytics in a healthcare domain, preferably in a data analyst role
  • 3+ years of experience setting up and configuring AWS environments for healthcare analytical purposes (Terraform scripts, VPC, IAM, CLI, instance sizing, etc.)
  • 2+ years of experience using R or Python for analytics work, ideally in an AWS environment
  • 2+ years of experience setting up, managing and working within EC2 instances and experience with other AWS and analytical technologies/tools (EC2, S3, Sagemaker, VSCode, R Studio, Git and Github, Python with Pandas and Boto 3, etc.)
  • 1+ years of experience in a client-facing role (technical support, business analyst, implementation specialist, etc.)
  • Demonstrated previous experience working with complex data sets and developing robust analytics and insights
  • Experience with data validation and data quality assurance projects, including documenting data findings, and a passion for delivering quality results
  • Proven ability to manage detailed work projects with high quality and strong ownership
  • Proven ability to communicate and collaborate effectively in oral and written form

Preferred Qualifications:

  • AWS certifications
  • Previous consulting or product management experience
  • Experience working with cancer or radiological data
  • Ability to conduct code review and provide feedback on existing analytics and methodologies
  • Experience evaluating, implementing, and working with Tableau or other BI reporting tools

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