Finding cancers earlier, cultivating trust, and saving lives

Clairity’s mission is grounded in the belief that everyone deserves to understand their health risks, regardless of race, ethnicity or gender. Within the domain of radiomics, advancements in AI unlock new insights from the data embedded in the image, accurately identifying those individuals who have the highest risk of developing cancer. These insights, in turn, enable clinicians to personalize a plan of care for each patient, and evolve that plan over time, monitoring lifestyle choices, changes in health, information regarding family history, and more.

Clairity is committed to building an organization worthy of everyone we serve. We hold ourselves accountable to our four core values:


Courage to do the right thing, challenge the status quo, hold one another accountable, and stand up for the communities we serve


Commitment to excellence and perseverance in the face of adversity


Compassion, humility, and respect for our diverse patients, partners, and colleagues


Camaraderie and connection as we work together with joy, not drama

Founding Partners

Leading experts in the field of breast cancer research and imaging worldwide have come together to revolutionize risk assessment, preventative screening, and personalized planning.

Dr. Connie Lehman

Dr. Connie Lehman, MD, PhD, has dedicated her life’s work to the advancement of breast imaging and the early identification of cancer. With over 280 peer-reviewed scientific publications and decades of research spanning computer aided diagnosis, deep learning, artificial intelligence, density assessment, predictive risk models, effective imaging workflow and risk-based triage, Dr. Lehman is one of the industry’s foremost experts. The success of her research and collaboration with MIT and Mass General Brigham fueled her desire to change the way women are screened for breast cancer around the globe.

Santé Ventures

Santé Ventures combines extensive healthcare industry experience with deep scientific and technology expertise, pursuing innovative opportunities that can improve lives while offering attractive potential returns. Founded in 2006, Santé has nearly $1B in capital under management, and typically leads Seed or Series A fundraising rounds. The fund often creates a new company from scratch or becomes an entrepreneur’s first institutional investor when high potential is found and vetted, as was the case when managing directors Kevin Lalande and Joe Cunningham found and delved into the research and vision of Dr. Connie Lehman.


Data Partner Consortium

Clairity’s founding data partners were chosen for their thought leadership, clinical expertise, diversity of patients, focus on data excellence, and international scale.

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